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An injectable bioscaffold. Designed to improve the outcomes of microfracture for cartilage repair.

Engineered Simplicity

Conforms to cartilage lesions of any shape. Adheres firmly. Sets rapidly.

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Applied in a simple single-step: arthroscopically or via "mini-open"

Joint+rep® applied to a cartilage defect of the trochlea following microfracture, with [Dr. Peter Behrens]

The System

Prepared in the operating theatre. Ready in less than a minute.

The value proposition is having an off-the-shelf solution for surgeons who encounter asymptomatic cartilage lesions in 63% of arthroscopies done. [Reference]

Preparation Demo Tutorial
Clinical Data

Pipino et. al report over 90% improvement of WOMAC scores from baseline up to 36 months. [PubMed]

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