Oligo Medic strives to provide innovations that enable less invasive surgical treatments, always simplifying the surgeon’s workflow

Was founded in 2010 by pioneers of chitosan as a material for biomedical applications, with over 25 years of experience developing medical devices.


Their earlier efforts culminated in the commercialization of BST-CarGel, a cartilage repair product acquired by Smith&Nephew. 


Initially focused on its novel technology platform, Oligo Medic has developed a fully self-gelling injectable scaffold for cartilage repair. The company rapidly reached commercialization milestones for its first product JointRep including CE mark in 2014.


By 2019 there had been over 5000 patients treated in over 20 countries spanning Canada, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Southeast Asia and Latin America.


Oligo Medic operates under a Quality Management System compliant with the requirements of ISO13485:2016. 

Obtained license from TGA for JointRep® in Australia.


Obtained license from Health Canada for JointRep®.


Preliminary steps taken toward procedures with FDA for market approval in the US.


Gaining market penetration in Europe, ANZ regions, Middle East, South East Asia, and Latin America


Very favorable results on clinical trial published in Journal of Clinical Orthopedics and Trauma.


Initiated European controlled clinical trial: 69 patients and comparing microfracture to microfracture & JointRep®.


Initial experimentation with JointRep® and microfracture. Results are highly favorable with fast pain relief, accelerated recovery time, and nice cartilage regrowth.


Structured OligoMedic for distribution partnership and initiated case studies and post market evaluation.

2012Manufacturing, packaging, and shipping processes defined. Obtained CE mark in October.


Follow up case series on Health Canada SAP.


Creation of Oligo Medic Inc. Development of technology platform. Bench testing and pre-clinical characterization. Initiated Health Canada Special Access Program ("SAP"). Successful first-in-man JointRep® operation.


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