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Biomaterials for a Better Life

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Oligo Medic was founded in 2010 by biomaterials experts with a mission to bring paradigm-changing healthcare products to market.

Management Team
Sam A. Selmani, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Abdellatif Chenite, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Alberto Restrepo, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Cyril Chaput, PhD, MBA

VP Regulatory Affairs/

Quality Assurance

Monique Jarry

VP Finance/

Human Resources

Clinical Advisory Board
Alberto Restrepo, MD
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William Stanish, MD
Schurhoff pic-2020_edited.png
Matthias Schurhoff, MD
Board of Directors

Amine Selmani, PhD - Founder, Chairman

Dr. Selmani is the founder of Oligo Medic, his third orthopedic venture. He holds multiple patents on chitosan and derivatives thereof, for orthopedic applications. Dr. Selmani studied in Bordeaux University and has PhD in Material Sciences (1985) from the University of Montreal.  He is a former Professor at the engineering school, École Polytechnique de Montréal.  Dr. Selmani’s research in biomaterials and biotechnologies led him to incorporate BioSyntech in 1995 and be part of its executive team as CEO and Chairman of the Board for almost 10 years. During his tenure, Dr. Selmani took this biotechnology company public on both Nasdaq and TSX.

Also, Dr. Selmani founded in 1992 POLNOR (Polytechnique-Noranda), a large group of engineers and professionals, with the mandate to provide higher value to the Noranda amorphous selenium and other byproducts. Big funds coming from Noranda, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, 3M and The Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal allowed the development of a high-resolution selenium-based direct X-ray detectors, specifically designed for full-field digital mammography used in most radiology centers in the world and commercialized by the well-known company in the field, Analogic. 


Monique Jarry - VP Finance & HR 

Ms Jarry holds a BA and MA (1991) from University of Montreal. She implemented many accounting systems in public companies listed in Nasdaq BB and on TSX. Ms. Jarry supervised all the financial aspects of a private investment company from 1992 until 2010, when she joined Oligomedic as a VP Finances. 


Sam Alexandre Selmani, PhD - Chief Executive Officer

Sam has been with Oligo Medic since 2016 as Vice President and has been involved in the company's commercial, clinical, manufacturing, and research activities. He has co-authored five patent applications covering basic polymer chemistry, hydrogels, and nanoparticles. Prior to that, Sam completed his Ph.D. in physics from McGill University, spending a year in Heidelberg, Germany. Sam is fluent in several languages.

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