We believe that with the right touch, we can add much value to the materials that nature has created.

Chitosan has great potential for biomedical applications, while at the same time being one of the most common polysaccharides in nature. It is found throughout much of the sea wildlife, especially in crustacean shells, and also in some fungal species.

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Hydrogels are polymer-based materials with very high water content. Due to their similarity to extracellular matrix, they find many uses in regenerative medecine and other biomedical applications.

Chitosan is a particularly suitable material for many of these applications due to its good biocompatibility and unique status as a natural cationic polysaccharide, which confers its bioadhesive property.

Oligo Medic's team has made seminal contributions to biomedical applications of chitosan, including several patents and highly cited publications


Oligo Medic is continually focused on developing novel approaches to generating high value-added products.


Simplicity is a core guiding principle and a key component of our approach to managing the risk-benefit challenge inherent to developing innovative treatments.


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